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    It has been a while since the last library update thread. I've been putting this one off for a while, as I'm still updating race and place pages to correspond with the proposed extended history. The library is an eternal WIP, though, so I guess that shouldn't prevent me from keeping you updated.

    If you didn't already know, you can follow detailed up-to-the-minute tweaks in Recent Changes. Coincidentally, the RC page now defaults to 30 days & 500 edits (instead of 7 & 50).

    New Races
    For the first time in ages, there are a few new playable races. These include Tiny Fairy, Anouki, and a race hailing from the dark world, Hinox. Note that at the time of this posting, Anouki arew still in progress, but can be created.

    Although neither is a new race, Sea Zora and River Zora are now considered completely separate races, and their racials/pages reflect this.

    New or Modified Racial Perks
    Numerous races have received new racial perks, so that now every previously-existing race has at least seven different perks that are (mostly) unique to them. Races marked with an asterisk(*) have received updated pages reflecting HC's extended history. (Of course, all new races, including both Zoras, reflect the extended history as well.)

    - Compass
    - Gift of Prophecy

    - Flying Broom (2 slots)
    - Intrinsic Enchantment

    * Winged Flight and Hookshot now only take one "slot" each.

    Skull Kid
    - Razor Gale
    - Dissonance
    - Jinx
    * Leaf Warp now only uses 1 "slot"

    Yeti / Yook
    - Actor's Illusion
    - Wind Breath

    - Vivirest
    - Language of Fauna
    - Language of Flora
    * Giant Kiwi now only occupied 1 "slot"
    * Compaction Bud was removed, as Adventure Pouch is a universal racial perk

    - Navigation
    - Tremor

    - Rising Oak
    * (Potioncraft was removed)

    - Jump
    - Gerudo Affinity

    - Captivating Dance
    - Magnet Glove

    - Kinstone Collector

    - Power Beam
    - Launching Arm

    Universal Perks
    - Adventure Pouch

    New Treasures
    - Blue Fire Gloves
    Cane of Stahead
    Dark Worlder
    - Din's Fire (tentative)
    - Din's Lance (Major)
    - Eyebeam
    - Fairy Glow (exclusive to Tiny Fairies)
    - Fire Gloves
    - Freezing Footwear
    - Golden Aura
    - Great Ascension (exclusive to Tiny Fairies)
    - Grenadier
    - Imagiscope
    - Insightful Navigator
    - Inversion Band
    - Kinstone Collector
    - Kinstone Piece
    - Launching Arm
    - Magma Burst
    - Moon Pearl
    - Mushsproing
    - Nayru's Belt
    - Poe Clock
    - Poe Shield
    - Punch Power
    - Purple Tunic (aka Antistatic Armor)
    - Razor Gale
    - Remote Bomb
    - Rising Oak
    - Roc's Ring
    - Rope Shooter (tentative)
    - Sacred Circle
    - Sacrilegious Circle
    - Shock Ring (aka Jolt Ring)
    - Spark Staff
    - Spell Spell (tentative)
    - Spine Spores
    - Sprout Tentacles
    - Stoneskin Amulet (tentative)
    - Summon Chilfos (aka Summon Freezard)
    - Summon Pesto
    - Summoning Songs
    - Sand Aura
    - Terror Mask
    - Third Eye
    - Thwomp Gloves
    - Woodball Supply
    - Vial of Winds
    - Vile Aura
    - Vivirest
    - Yeti Boots

    New Materials
    - Detecting Dust
    - Nullrock
    - Soul Stone
    ~ Elemental Gems can now be used by Outfitters for niche purposes
    ~ In addition, Outfitters and Weaponsmiths can now use numerous item treasures as materials in their own right, for a cost lower than the treasures themselves. You can see examples of this on pages like Bombproof Ring and Boomerang.

    Cost Reductions
    - Race License: Regulars now pay half the previous costs
    - Hero's Legacy,Down to Earth, and all their variations: 50r -> 35r
    - Combat Companion: 60r -> 50r
    - Loftwing Companion: 60r -> 50r
    - Monkey Companion: 60r -> 50r
    - Nayru's Affection: Low -> Lower
    - Ballad of the Windfish: Lower -> Lowest
    - Ice Shot: Low -> Lower
    - Minish Veil: 50r -> 35r (and it's no longer exclusive to Picori)
    - Skeletal Offense: Normal -> Low

    Other Tweaks
    • Glossary:Rupee Bonus clearly explains how bonus rupees function. A link to this page is present on the page of every treasure that can grant bonus rupees.
    • Nose for Treasure and Ore Trade now provide an optional material discount, allowing this effect to be stacked with bonus rupee treasures.
    • All-Night Mask now costs 20 rupees instead of 15, marking a rare price increase.
    • Captivating Dance is now Power-based instead of Courage-based.
    • Intrinsic Enchantment has been empowered, and although it is still a racial perk for Gerudo as well as Lynels, itcan now be acquired by all races.
    • Life has gained a new limitation as follows, "A given recipient of Life can't benefit from the spell's restorative effects more than once every few minutes, even if it cast by different casters."
    • Shuttle Loop now can use Wing Tunic as a prerequisite, instead of only Winged Flight.
    • Numerous tables have been added to the bottoms of pages to aid navigation. Prominent examples of these can be found on Magic Power, Summon Power, and all Major treasures.

    Ongoing Work
    The to-do list regarding HC includes:
    - (Get out of the slump I've been in for the past several weeks.)
    - Add racial perks for Anouki, so they meet the 7-perk standard.
    - Finish converting Wizzrobe from a race into a trait treasure, due in part to popular demand.
    - Finish revamping race pages (~25) to tie in with extended history.
    - Update existing place pages (~40) according to extended history.
    - Add new place pages (~10) from the new map and extended history.
    - Update the map. Make a clickable imagemap.
    - Finish the "List of Major Characters" page that relates to extended history.
    - Respond to submitted treasure ideas, and add them as appropriate. (I have >10 really-old ones bookmarked, too.)
    - Make a reference page that provides a sortable list of all possible Seed Effects and Elixir Effects for Botanists in one place.
    - Add (more) treasures based on content from Tri-Force Heroes, such as Rupee Regalia and Serpent's Toga.
    - Add new treasures based on some of the numerous techniques/spells used in Hyrule Warriors (Legends).
    - Add more treasures based on various canonical enemies/traps and the abilities they use (~30 bookmarked).
    - Make the dang quotes above the shoutbox start working again, then add even more quotes.
    - (Hope Zelda U doesn't mess up literally everything when it has a playable demo in a couple weeks.)

    Coincidentally, HC has broken a new limit. We have over 600 treasures! Someday we might even have more HC treasures than pokémon...

    That's all for now. Good look on your quests! :saria:
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