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Vah Yetel Nov 1, 2017

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      Vah Yetel
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      but the real question is: where's thomas?
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      im back from being a marine
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      gonna go be a Marine, brb
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      but the real question is: where's thomas?
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    Characters (open)
    Julius Surgate
    Originates from Kakariko in Southern Hyrule. Valorous knight sworn to protect the Royal Family. He's a Knight of Hyrule, so make of that what you will. Sometimes uses unorthodox methods for what he believes is the simplest way to go about something. Best Weaponsmith in Hyrule.
    Obtains 120r/quest.
    Please make sure to examine his sheet before you assume what treasures he does and does not have.

    Traits: Foreign Language: Subrosian, Foreign Language: Twilit, Hero's Legacy, Navigation, Nose for Treasure, Profession: Smith Lv.10, Weaponsmithing Lv.10
    Techniques: Fairy Companion (Twisted), Helm Splitter, Mortal Draw, Plummeting Blade, Sense, Spin Attack, Summon Keese (Twisted)
    Equipment: Adventure Pouch, All-Night Mask, Armor Seed Supply, Backshift Cape, Bomb Bag, Bombproof Ring, Boomerang (w/ Gale, 3x Fire Gems), Dodongo/White Hide raiment, Hookshot, Infinite Novel, Lens of Truth, Mirror Shield, Mirror Silver sword (Twisted), Pictograph Box, Pirate's Charm, Red Potion, Roc's Feather, Scorching Socks, Spectacles of Agony, Zora mail
    Rupees: 111
    Kinstones: Violet Crown, Red Rupee, Green Crown

    Cloud's Collection of Quotes (open)
    "ganon killed the picori, his true enemy in the world" -- eevachu, 2017
    "I mean don't get me wrong I love telling people to chug dumpster cock bins" -- eevachu, 2017
    "Gekokekmi" -- randomly generated Goron name
    "I think you blew right past overcompensating and into some weird inferior state of mind like two swords ago, my guy," -- Tessa, April 2017
    "he speaks really well but still says uh for the fuck of being a yeti" -- dr.genzo, april 2017
    "I like to imagine in HC's distant future, the gun manufacturing company of Hyrule's army will be called "the Surgate Corporation"" -- Darth, May 2017
    "our team is like the belmonts in a way" -- Genzo, May 2017
    "my nayme is Owl and wen its nite and police carr doth block myn flight i am ful wroth i do not stopp myn rage i showe i pek the copp" -- Cataphractoi, June 2017
    "I can't stop imagining Ganon as being like an MMO raid fight, with Julius being the main tank raid leader who is yelling at everyone" -- Darth, July 2017
    "Julius is like "Rika argues with me constantly, Pooky's out of position, Bepu didn't bring enough sandwiches, Judith has nothing equipped to the foot slot, Dante is AFK"" -- Darth, July 2017
    "Rika just complains how everyone else isn't optimizing their builds" -- Eevachu, July 2017
    "Judith is probably this annoying RPer with an iffy build and macros for every spell that add a text component which fucks up her healing" -- Darth, July 2017
    "Flayre is 100% the MMO player who is like "I'll ERP with you if you carry me/give me items"" -- Darth, July 2017
    "Judith: "0/10 worst expansion"" -- Darth, July 2017
    "yfw Julius saves the raid, Ganon drops his legendary weapon, Julius calls it, loses Need roll to Pooky, 98 to 99" -- Darth, July 2017


    Dec 5, 1997 (Age: 20)
    Home page:
    professional friend
    ohio, friendos.

    my preferred pronouns are thomas/thomasself

    not really but who actually reads this am I right????????????/


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