Smol Adventures in a Drippy Temple

Discussion in 'Role Play Discussion' started by Eevachu, Nov 5, 2017.

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    I am looking for some smols to adventure in Temple of Droplets with my witch, Melari. She is there to uncover magical water essence to further her potion training. If you are a smol or especially a witch, you are especially welcome. If you are not a smol, maybe you can join if you buy a gnat hat, but make sure your power level is smol or you won't work. If you need a gnat hat, I can buy it for you at a smol price.

    (also pls lend me roop so I can afford Water Control :side: )
  2. Guy

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    ( maybe if you lend Tent some roop :sideroll: )

    Buzzari is a smol. His electric stinger would be super-effective against Water-type droplets, too. He could buzz right up into that temple.
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    Alice is a smol, but some people may not want a smol with a head like a bag of cats. Do you want a smol with a head like a bag of cats? If you want a smol with a head like a bag of cats, Alice is the smol for you.