Seeds of Doubt

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    It had been only a single day since Areyal had received her gift from the Holiday Moblin. A bag of Ember Seeds... And while they were good for that moment when she was freezing, she really didn't like them. Fire wasn't her thing! It really wasn't. Burning things was for wizards with no self-control, or for those purely interesting in destruction. Ice was, and always will be more her style... She felt lucky that last time, some entity was able to give her something much better in exchange for Fire.

    It felt like forever ago since she traded Fire for the abilities she had now. It was insanely cool, yeah! But she didn't quite know how it worked... But it was definitely cool! And that was what mattered! Grinning with glee at the memory, she pointed her hand down at the frozen ground and cast her Blue Fire spell. A blueish-green tendril suddenly appeared in the palm of her hand, breaking open the skin. It's pincer opened up wide and spat out the blue fireball. And just like that, the vine vanished back into her hand, as if it never existed. She giggled loudly to herself, turning around. Oh, the pain from all of that transformation so long ago was definitely worth it to know such a cool spell.

    That was when she suddenly did a double take. Right where she had experimentally cast her spell, it appeared. The Twister. As if it knew it was being thought of. As if it somehow knew, that Areyal wanted to test her luck and fate once again to play its game. A chill suddenly shot down her spine, that was more than a bit unsettling. But being the childish wizard she was, she was never going to turn down the deal. They showed up for a reason, right? Was it fate? Or had Areyals luck just ran out?

    "U-uh... Hi!" Areyal said, trying to keep her mood upbeat in the face of her nerves. The first time, she had no idea what she was getting into... Was it going to hurt even worse this time? She was clearly scared this time. It almost felt like the blank face was grinning at her as she picked up the dice and sat down her bag... What if she lost her eyes forever this time?

    "I... I want to um, twist my Ember Seeds and all of my cash." Laying down the entirety of her purse, all 8 rupees, she looked away as she rolled the dice. She had a sneaking suspicion this wasn't a good idea...

    Areyal twists Ember Seed Supply and 8 Rupees.
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