Holiday Moblin VI: And you Thought he was Dead

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    "HO!!! HO!!! HO!!!"

    The Holiday Moblin's voice rang out, far above the sky. He was especially mirthful this year-- not like last year, where... Had he nearly gotten so drunk that he nearly missed out on passing presents around to all the good little boys and girls? He had forgotten, but he was certain that that much might not have been beyond his alcoholic presence.

    After all, he was extremely resistant to alcohol, likely owing to his magical nature.

    He started dropping pouches-- Was it..? No, it was nothing like presents passed out during his usual yearly fairs...

    No, these were seeds.

    "HO!!! HO!!! HO!!!" The Moblin rang out once more. "IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY!!!"


    Feel free to grab any Seed-based treasure, excluding Deku Nut Supply, Seed Collector, and Seed Expertise, or choose to gain 10 Rupees instead. This thread will be locked upon January 31st. Remember: it's a secret to everybody.
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    Abigail claims a Seed Shooter and also I can't be arsed to write that out as RP. Wheeee.
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    It was cold. Incredibly cold. Areyal didn't think she had ever been this cold before. Winter was harsh up on the land. Underwater she could always find a warm current to swim in, but the wind was never warm this time of year. It was all she could do to huddle herself for warmth as she sat in a little tiny pond. Perhaps it wasn't helping her body temperature, but the dry winter winds were drying her gills out a bit too much for her comfort.

    Why did she even decide to travel between towns at this time of night? She was the brave ice wizard who could brave the cold and survive the winter! Of course, it was a cruel irony that she was freezing so badly. Or was it just a coincidence and not irony? Word choices never were her forte. Lost in the world of debating proper word usage, she was suddenly shaken by a loud sound.

    All of a sudden, she heard a "HO!!! HO!!! HO!!!" She quickly looked up above into the cloudy night sky, only to see the Holiday Moblin once again! Areyal practically leaped up out of the pond she was in, all four of her eyes widening in glee. "IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY!!!" Areyal was beyond excited. Last time she remembered, she was given the gift of Fire! Or rather, the knowledge to cast it... Speaking of which, that would have been really helpful tonight. Not freezing and all. But she had an aesthetic to keep! Fire spells just didn't match her self-imposed theme.

    The Holiday Moblin kept on flying... and flying... And no gift seemed to drop. Areyal was heartbroken, just about to slump onto the ground before she heard a strange noise. A thump. As well as some strange rattling as if beans were being shaken. Looking all around, she found a black sack had landed right behind her on the water's edge. He did drop her a gift! Screaming at the top of her lungs "Thank you!!!" she ran towards the bag.

    Eagerly, she untied the bag's string and looked inside. And there was another bag. Was this some sort of trick? Quickly examining, no. It was not a trick. It was just extra padding for the real gift. She wasn't quite sure what they were... Red fruit-like things, shaped like flames. After a bit of racking her brain, she realized they were Ember Seeds!

    Wait... That meant she could stay warm! She quickly shouted thanks yet again, before tossing a seed at a pile of dead leaves. Sure enough, it sparked a fire. Areyal was quick to build it up, grabbing dead twigs and sticks she could find. She was going to stay nice and warm tonight.

    Although, she couldn't help but roll her eyes. All four of them. Another fire-related gift from the Holiday Moblin. Was this going to be a recurring thing? Perhaps some year she'd get something she really wanted. Like a wand made of unmeltable ice! Or something else equally cool! Of course, Areyal had already forgotten her lovely Snowshoe Ring on her finger was a gift from the Moblin as well. Oh well.

    Areyal gains an Ember Seed Supply.
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    Deanna was pissed off.
    Gomgossa was toast. Or, well, the opposite of toast. She'd returned to her little campsite to find the Baba frozen solid, leaves wilted and frostbitten and head limp on the ground. Gomgossa the Indestructible was apparently not so indestructible.
    "Stupid shrub," she muttered, kicking the plant. Its head popped off and rolled away across the frost-crisped grass, and Dee wrapped gloved hands around the bottom of its stem and yanked it from the quiver. A shower of dirt came with the roots, hard clods frozen solid in the winter, and she threw the vine aside. She didn't bother replanting one. The same fate would befall the new Baba. Maybe she should have named Gomgossa the Indestructible as Gomgossa the Shit instead.
    She sank to the ground against the tree she had designated her rest spot, wondering if it was worth trekking back to castle town or whether she'd just take a nap here until morning. It was a bit chilly, but she could light a fire and trust that she'd be warmed enough by the flames.

    Content with her plan, Dee circled her tree, picking up fallen twigs before using her sickles to lop off sections of sap-rich branch from the living tree. She would likely never admit how many tries it took her to light it with her kukri and sickles- she mentally noted to invest in something useful for lighting fires; a tinderbox, perhaps- but eventually she managed to get the little fire smouldering happily, waves of heat pouring off it. She considered for a moment before retrieving Gomgossa the Shit's stem. Baba sap was thick and would burn nicely, keeping the fire lit. Maybe less Gomgossa the Shit and more Gomgossa the Unconventionally Helpful.

    She coiled up in the grass beside the fire, resting her head on her adventure pouch. Sleep came unusually quickly to the Kokiri, and she drifted off content in the knowledge that at least she wouldn't wake up to a Baba trying to eat her hair.

    "Wha..?" groaned Dee, just before something landed in her fire and began exploding. That woke her up quicksmart, her ears ringing at the proximity of the loud snapping blasts, and she looked at her fire in terror. It was bursting with small explosions, the fire lurching upwards, and Dee spotted the source; a rather large now-perforated pouch. The point of her kukri was used to rake the thing out of the fire, and she gingerly opened it, expecting it to explode again at any moment.
    "Ooh," she murmured happily. "Bomb seeds."
    Whichever idiot had dropped these, they were hers now. She slotted one into her Seed Shooter and fired it at Gomgossa the Unconventionally Helpful's head. The seed went off with a loud bang and the Baba head bounced to the left, smoke trailing from it.
    "That is awesome," she grinned. Weirdly though, the Baba's head hadn't been blown to pieces like she'd expected. Maybe because it was frozen solid?

    ...Maybe Gomgossa the Indestructible was accurate after all.

    Dee gains a Bomb Seed Supply.
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    Julius obtains Armor Seeds.

    Julius was sick. Probably with the Flu, though he'd honestly had no idea when or how he would have even caught it-- after all, he was basically immune to temperature shifts of any kind, though he'd know if it got too hot or too cold to stand around in.

    This sucked. Usually, he'd be working in his forge, making blades for various weapons-- or he'd be patrolling the streets, wary of criminals, or out exploring derelict ruins, even! Not confined to his bed like a grumpy old man. ...Which he was, now that he thought about it. When had time flown by so quickly? Worse, Ganon was still holed up in Death Mountain-- at least, he thought he was, what with them not seeing any activity-- and various portals opening up, likely due to Ganon's possession of a piece of the Triforce, loath he be to admit Ganon had such power at his disposal.

    It sucked. Old age sucked, Ganon sucked, this sickness sucked. He would have done anything to not be bed-ridden right now-- anything he could do to turn the tides, he'd be doing it now, if he weren't sick. It sucked.

    Then, he heard a commotion going on outside-- figuring it to be something or other, a very familiar voice came down through his chimney: "IT'S A SECRET!! TO!! EVERYBODY!!!!" The voice exclaimed, before dropping a package of seeds down through his chimney. How fortunate, then, that it wasn't lit-- if he hadn't had his raiment made for him, it very well would have been, considering the fact that it was colder than a witch's tit in Castle Town.

    Dragging himself out of bed was the hard part. Every joint-- every misplaced tendon, every joint in his body-- it all ached. Usually, it did because he thought he had arthritis, but this was on another level. With a huff, and a puff, he stood, momentarily taking a breather from the strain and stress he had placed his body through. He then groggily placed one foot in front of the other, taking his time to reach the fireplace. He bent over, groaning as he did, and read the note that was attached to the seeds.

    Hello! Good to see you again. Or, well, not see-- I've had my joy of delivering gifts, and figured you could use something that was... useful. Remember: it's a secret to everybody.

    -- Holiday Moblin

    Having finished reading the note, he supposed that the Holiday Moblin was likely a fair bit more intelligent than he had first thought. Peeking inside, there seemed to be enough of these crystalline seeds to last a lifetime. What little he had left, at least.

    He popped one into his mouth, crunched it up, and swallowed it. With a feeling similar to adrenaline, he felt like he could take on the world. But that didn't cure his sickness, so he meekly climbed into bed and dozed off.
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    Guy Denzrita obtains a Gale Seed Supply.


    A pile of steaming vomit hit the snow-covered ground. A hiss of steam erupting from the spot. Seems being made of flame and stone had a weird effect on your digestion.

    Guy's brow twisted with agony; his body writhed in the motions of dry heaves. His snout dribbled with bands of a sticky fluid he wished he didn't have to see. Struggling to regain his composure, he swiped it off and mumbled nonsense to himself. There was no one around to hear it, anyway. Nothing heard him but cold ground, frozen snow, and harsh winds.

    Somewhere far from here--he thought--sane, friendly people were gathered around warm campfires and telling lively stories to smiling faces. Guy collapsed on the snow, laying on his back mere feet from a flaming pile of his own vomit. Utterly alone, as usual. With a grumbled sigh, he remarked, "At least the night sky is a--*grk*--...pleasant sight..."

    As he stared forlorn upon the aglow moon, a distant shadow passed across it. Summoned to Guy's mind was a distant, jumbled memory of a blood-stained moblin. Another insane fool. "Even crazier than me," he mused, clutching his stomach, "...'s the kind of idiot I'd want to spend time with." Lost to illness and fatigue, Guy's lids grew heavy.


    By morning, in the expanse of endless snow, there was a burnt pile of scorched earth. Guy clutched his head, slowly awakening from a long night of what Tent would dub 'literal hot flashes.' The bed of ash beneath him was still burned, save for one solitary pouch crafted from dodongo hide--one he could've sworn wasn't there last night.

    Groggily, the man peeled it open, struggling to remember the events of the night prior. Of all things, it was a huge pile of... gale seeds? How did he acquire these? Did someone leave them here? "Fuck it," he groaned, "I'm going back to bed."
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