Deanna, the Butt-Kicking Private Investigator

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    Name: Deanna
    Race: Kokiri
    Age: Pretty Old
    Gender: Female
    Place of Origin: Kokiri Forest
    PWC: 5/1/3


    Business (Botany)
    Adventure Pouch
    Deku Nut Supply

    Treasures and Rupees:

    Botany lvl 2 (20 roop)
    Seed Shooter (25)
    Sapling’s Song plus Accelerated Growth (15 + 15, 30)
    Vile Coating [in her armour] (2 roop)
    Baba Seed Supply [made with Botany] (12 roop)
    Bomb Seed Supply (Free from Holiday Moblin)

    :roop: 11



    Custom-made to suit its wearer’s tiny size, forged in a rich brown-tinted bronze. The armour covers almost all of the body, and has a helmet bearing the simplified visage of a Baba.

    Kokiri Clothes
    A three-piece ensemble consisting of a long-sleeved light-green undershirt, a yellow sleeveless bodice, and a knee-length green skirt with slits in it to facilitate movement. It's inlaid with Vile Coating in order to keep Gomgossa from biting the wearer

    Suzu Bell Bracelets
    A pair of specially-constructed bracelets with bells that can be moved in a specific pattern to play the Sapling’s Song.

    Flat Rock Necklace
    A rather heavy necklace made with smooth, flat river stones. Flat enough to be worn under armour without risk or irritation.


    War Scythe
    Shortened to suit a child-sized wielder, with a dark mahogany handle and gleaming silver bindings. The blade is hooked like that of a fauchard, and on the reverse side is a curved cavalry hook.

    A pair of curved sickles useful for melee combat, honed to a deadly edge.

    A handy kukri forged in bronze, with a sharp hooked blade.


    Leather-bound Book
    A tattered book containing many pressed leaves and flowers, as well as detailed drawings and documentation of plant varieties.

    Gardening Gloves
    Soft but thick gloves designed to protect the wearer’s hands from thorns when dealing with plants.

    Gardening Toolset
    A folding pouch filled with all the essential tools a botanist could need, from spades to vials.

    Portable Planter
    Several lidded planters joined together, small enough to be squeezed into the opening of an Adventure Pouch, able to support plant life on the go.

    Billy Cart of Plants
    A wooden billy cart on rattly wheels, full to the brim with soil and plant life. The handle is wrapped in leather so that it doesn’t leave splinters.

    Thick Glasses
    Thick, square-framed magnifying glasses, used mainly for reading and studying the details of plants.

    Pet: Gomgossa, the Deku Baba. Whenever Gomgossa wilts or is killed in battle Dee just plants another one, and attaches random suffixes to the name (i.e Gomgossa the Fourth, Gomgossa Beta, and Gomgossa the really-gross-looking). Gomgossa lives in an old quiver attached to Deanna’s belt filled with soil; often, when a new Gomgossa has been planted, the roots are too thin to hold in all the soil and soil will fall out.


    Appearance (open)

    In armour (usual attire)

    Without armour (Researcher attire)

    Appearance: Deanna clocks in at two inches under the Kokiri average, measuring 3’8” tall, and weighs about 80 lbs. She has a surprisingly gentle appearance for someone so trigger-happy and gun-ho, with a round face, a button nose and a small, often pouting mouth. Her hair is a peculiar shade of magenta, similar to that found on the leaves of some plant varieties, and is often kept back in two pretzel braids, with a puffy fringe left loose. When she’s less concerned about who might see her, she instead pulls all her hair back into a ponytail, which takes minimum effort but keeps it out of the way. Deanna’s eyes are a light, bright green colour, often twisted in a glare or a scornful harrumph.

    She has quite a few scars particularly over her arms and shoulders- mainly bite marks from the less friendly of her plants, and although she’s not particularly fussed one way or the other about them they’re usually covered under armour or long sleeves anyway. Her clothing of choice is a Kokiri ensemble, with a long-sleeved green undershirt, a knee-length skirt of the same colour, and a yellow shirt hemmed with dark green. A small tabard at the front bears a floral symbol in that same dark green and magenta. The entire outfit was inlaid with Vile Coating by some strange guy in purple she met once. Often, this ensemble is mostly hidden under her armour- a custom-made set in a glossy bronze. The armour contains a smoothly curved breastplate with an attached ridged gorget, as well as matching pauldrons and revebraces. On the lower half, tassets protect her hips and groin, while chainmail flaps protect the sides and backs of her legs from blows, leaving the front open to enable her to run, jump and climb properly. The set also contains a pair of gauntlets that protect her forearms, elbows and some of her hands. Her upper legs are mainly armour-free, as she can’t stand the limited leg movement caused by upper-leg armour. Also, it gives her a wedgie. She wears knee-length leather boots plated in greaves and sabatons in the same metal her armour is made of, protecting her lower legs and knees, while leaving the soles uncovered so that she doesn’t clank while she walks. The set also contains a helm, rounded at the top, bearing the simplified visage of a Deku Baba (albeit one with eyes). A jagged, narrow slit over Deanna’s mouth allows her to speak without too much muffling, while a pair of eye-holes narrowed in anger allow her to see. Three ridges sweep from the brow back to the small gap in the back that allows Deanna’s hair to loop on the outside of the helm.

    Her belt is slung around the waist of her armour, and has strapped onto it her kukri, her seed pouch and her adventure pouch. A baldric also loops from her right shoulder, where she straps her Seed Shooter when it’s not in use. A small concession to Dee’s desire for uniqueness in her fashion exists in a small white bow and a loose cloth decoration on her breastplate, fixed in place by metal loops and a magenta gem. On her wrists hang two gold bracelets with bells attached; these bells have been crafted specifically so that when she flicks her wrists in a specific pattern the Sapling’s Song will be played.

    When Dee is not in her armour, however, she looks quite different. She keeps the Kokiri clothing usually worn under her armour, with much more of the yellow shirt showing, and fastens it with a belt at the waist. This belt more often than not has her botany journal strapped to it, and may also contain a pouch filled with her gardening tools. She retains her bracelets but instead wears soft leather gumboots, and will also often be wearing glasses. Dee is a little farsighted, so when studying plants up close she needs the aid of the curved lenses. Around her neck, a trinket necklace is visible- several flat river stones, worn smooth and light by water, strung onto a strong black cord. If this necklace has any significance to her, she hasn’t shared it.

    Personality: Deanna is quite an enigma when it comes to personality, a bizarre mixture of overly mature and incredibly childish behaviours. Perhaps the duality of the Kokiri’s upbringing is responsible for her two-sided nature, but she somehow manages to make both work. Dee is often quite stuck-up and exclusive, regarding people as being less intelligent than her. This may be true in some cases- Dee certainly isn’t an idiot- but this hubris can very easily have her bitten in the ass by her own failure to consider another angle.

    Dee is not a compassionate person. She might be coerced into feeling bad for people occasionally, but she largely refuses to allow herself to justify others’ behaviour with their feelings- a somewhat hypocritical view to hold, but one that she sees as absolutely necessary to maintain her own sanity. Dee is also rather condescending, believing that almost everyone around her is a base-minded fool who will only damage her if she ‘descends’ to their level. It’s possible to earn her trust and respect, certainly, but it’s very likely that one would leave Deanna in disgust (proclaiming her any number of not entirely inaccurate names in the process) before realising that a lot of her prickly persona is a defensive shell.

    Dee also has the profound childish streak common to Kokiri, although it is much more heavily suppressed than most. While she is very often petulant, Dee’s love of fun often goes unexpressed- because only silly children do things like that. She has been known to retaliate to offenses with immature retribution, her favourite being placing a spiny succulent in a place where it is likely to be stood on. Her usual knee-jerk reaction to an insult is to grab Gomgossa and whip the Baba at the offender. Unfortunately, the mild physical pain of the non-poisonous, small-toothed variety of Baba that Dee cultivates as the Gomgossas is apparently not actually intimidating. Somehow. She honestly thought that it would be- she has a Deku Baba on her belt and she’s still not scary- but instead it just seems to highlight the fact that she often has no way to deal with criticism.

    Without all her pomp and circumstance and pride, however, Dee is...not much. And that terrifies her enough to hug the spiky shell ever closer, hiding the fact that she honestly doesn’t know what else she is if she’s not right.
    (She’s gotten very good at being right. Not being right is unacceptable. Not being right means not being anything).

    Deanna has very few passions, towards which she dedicates a ridiculous amount of energy. The first is botany. This Kokiri is fascinated by plants in all their forms, and is particularly interested in the way plants appear to be able to conduct magical abilities in much the same way as living creatures might. She tends to experiment a lot, and carries a thick leather-bound journal full of pressed plants and ink drawings of various flora species, along with detailed descriptions of the functions and features of the plant. She tends to her plants with a tenderness that belies her usual bitter nature, and her findings often serve her well in other aspects of life.

    The second is investigating. Deanna hires herself out as a private investigator to solve the puzzles that aren’t handled by heroes or any Hylian Crown-sanctioned organisations. While this usually means the mysteries she tackles are small potatoes or related to illegal actions, that doesn’t much bother Dee- although she will complain about it as loudly and as frequently as possible, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that it did. She will doggedly pursue any puzzle she’s sicced on with a nigh-unshakeable focus, and may even deal out her own version of justice at the end of the road should her clients have no compunctions.

    Dee is terrible at expressing emotions as well, often coming up with perfectly plausible alternate explanations for any act of generosity or emotion. To any who didn’t spend long around Deanna, it would seem overwhelmingly apparent that she is a vindictive, condescending cow who refuses to care about others. What they don’t know is that it’s less refusal and more not knowing how. Her bumbling, outwardly cold attempts at being a good person are met with scowls and reprimands, which only serves to heighten her attitude of it being not worth the effort. To her, a brisk nod is the equivalent of “thank you”, while a slight smile might as well be a toothy grin. She’s always unsure of what matters more- what people think of her, or being able to survive with herself knowing that beneath her masks is nothing. It’s usually up to the people around her to try and pry those masks free- and not even Deanna, with all her botany knowledge, knows whether the open soil of her psyche could ever be cleared of thorny weeds to bear fruit.

    Background: Deanna was found wandering the forest many many years ago on the tail end of winter, and it would be said for years to come that the season’s frost must have been collected to form the Kokiri girl. That wasn’t really true at first, frankly. The girl went through the same old routine of many Kokiri before her- here, have some green clothes, here, have a fairy, here, go live in this house, here, find a hobby because you’ll be here a while- and for several years, it seemed as though the diminutive Kokiri living aloofly alone with her fairy would be of absolutely zero note. She rarely left her house, kept her head down, left people alone.

    Life went on.

    And on.​

    And on.​

    And on.​

    Nobody actually knows where Deanna’s fairy, Fardell, went aside from Deanna herself, and you’re extremely hard-pressed to have her talk about it. One thing’s for certain- either he left her alive or Dee does not believe in not speaking ill of the dead, because when she re-emerged into the village’s society years later, she had nary a good word to say about him whenever she was pressured into actually acknowledging his existence. For a few decades, she tried to live amongst the rest of the Kokiri- and that was a disaster. It turns out that apparently quite a few of the Kokiri were quite horrible people when their fairies weren’t around to police them. Dee fought through the onslaught with sheer bullheadedness for thirty years before giving up on the other idiotic Kokiri, retreating back to her house for good. Now she opted to leave only when she needed something- a new spade, a new set of terracotta pots, a fresh batch of wound ointment to treat Baba bites- and remained just as reclusive as she had been before. Except without a fairy, this time.

    In time, the more attentive Kokiri would have noticed several rather suspicious occurrences around Deanna’s house. The first was the flowers. Apparently Dee’s plant-cultivating habits had spiralled out of control, with plants of all varieties- even the ones you wouldn’t expect to grow in this climate- growing out the windows and down the paths and over the roof. Snapping Babas lined the doorway, Deku Likes formed on the windowsill and Goponga flowers sprouted from the walls. It was as if the forest had reclaimed Deanna’s house and then some, the building turning into a tangled mess of plant life. Before long, a Kokiri could be forgiven for thinking that there was no house there at all.

    The second oddity was the metallic clanging and clashing that could be heard of a night-time, if one ventured close to the house. It rang out loudly, accompanied with grunts of exertion and the dull thunk of blades meeting wood as the occupant of the plant-laden house trained to fight- with weapons that she certainly hadn’t obtained with the sanction of the Great Deku Tree. It later turned out that Deanna had been exploring the woods for days at a time, and during those explorations had shamelessly looted the abandoned bodies that seemed to always be found around the woods, reeking worse than a Rafflesia, gathering their weapons for her own use. She forever regretted her experiment into seeing whether a decomposing body made for good fertiliser, as all it did was make a mess and kill one of her bromeliads when the pot was knocked off the shelf by a boneless limb.

    And time did what time does, and passed. It was many years before the Kokiri of the forest realised that the biggest of the Deku Babas had disappeared, and the sound of Deanna training to use her stolen weapons had ceased at nights. Deanna had vanished, and travelled with her billy cart overflowing with plant life through the forest and into the outside world, wandering aimlessly with her cart behind her for several years. She soon found her niche in solving puzzles. What she thought was basic and obvious logic apparently wasn’t to that one grown-up jerk whingeing about his son going missing. Apparently, the answer to “Did you try looking to see if he’d taken his stuff with him” was “No.” Dee knew all about running away, of course, so it was clear that the grown-up’s son had done the same. From there, Dee decided she got a kick out of solving problems- not for anyone else’s benefit, other people were fools and jerks. But wow, was it ever so satisfying to deadpan the answer to someone’s desperate confusion at them and watch them flounder for a response. She spent many more years devoting herself to the conquest of society and logic, and after a long slog she rented a house in Castle Town, parked her plant-filled billy cart in the living room and put herself on the map as Deanna, Private Investigator Extraordinaire.
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