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Should HC have some sort of "Calamity" event happen?

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  1. Cloud

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    Hey all! Guy just proposed what, in my opinion, is perhaps the neatest idea in Discord: a future calamity, to the point where it would effectively wipe out Hyrule Castle and the surrounding Castle Town!

    Why do I think this is a great idea? Simple! It provides room for character growth, and ample growth, at that. How would they cope with losing all they've ever known? Julius would, inexplicably, lose his shit over all of his life's work being destroyed, as well as the probable annihilation of the Hyrule Guard and its subsects, but that's fuel for a different time.

    Anyways! Take your time in considering whether it'd be fun to see happen or not.
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  2. Guy

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  3. Idarian

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    Personally, I enjoy having a living Hyrule of our own, as opposed to a crippled, post-Hyrule. A Calamity event could be interesting, though I feel like our RP canon is already taking place in the aftermath of our own version of the Calamity.

    Ganon returned, as he does, and smashed half of the realms of Greater Hyrule, or, rather, half by approximate land area, and perhaps nearly half in terms of which of the individual realms, post-imprisoning War, were wealthiest and most powerful (I always got the impression that Kakariko had grown into something of a major hub in its own sphere, so I imagine its realm being nearly as strong as Lanayru was, at the time of the invasion). That's, of course, not considering how much raiding would have been taking place north of Death Mountain, but I imagine that, while the Gorons were under siege, components of Ganon's army might very likely have gone further north to raid and generally cause trouble in Lanayru, even if there were never any long-term conquests in the area.

    Bottom line, I feel like the far-reaching effects of Ganon's attack make for something of a Calamity already, and our heroes ARE living in the aftermath of those events.

    If anything, it might be a question of exploring more of what those effects would be, and how one might bring those closer to the surface in the backdrop of the world.

    I suggest that as an alternative because, again, I do rather enjoy the idea of a more living Hyrule, as opposed to one that has been shattered almost entirely.