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      Hello, Doc Genz! Just dropping by to remind you that the Wind Waker HD sweepstakes requires that members be active (having been online and posted in the past month) in order to win. So for the time being, you'll be moved to a standby list, meaning that you can still win if you're active around the time of the contest.
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    Character Data (open)

    Tom Yetterman - engineer of the North and cheese prospector
    P4 / W1 / C4
    Rupees: 0
    Perks: Power Lift, Yeti Punch, Bonus Treasure
    Treasure: Superpusher, Sky Cannon, Hover Boots

    Meryem Ihsad and Pooky - the blind prophet and the whimsical bard
    P1 / W5 / C3
    Rupees: 0
    Perks: Exception, Bonus Treasure, Bonus Treasure
    Treasure: Gift of Prophecy: Prophet's Bargain, Mask of Truth, Mind Sight, Calm Weather


    Gyoma - Bullbo rider rebel and friend to animals
    Rupees: 0
    Perks: Claws, Gerudo Affinity, Jump, Scent
    Treasure: Epona's Song, Animal Emissary, Sharp's Song, Mini Bombs, Lens of Truth, Wall Kick


    Briggson - Rock climbing ultimate survivalist
    Rupees: 0
    Perks: Stone Skin, Power Lift, Goron Roll, Goron Punch
    Craft: Botany Lvl. 2
    Treasure: Boko Baba Seed Supply
    Baba+ Safeguard, Cheval Rope
    Material: Armor Seed x2

    Billy Hopkins - the mad scrub barber and misguided hero
    P3 / W2 / C4
    Rupees: 2
    Perks: Plant Composition, Water Hop, Deku Nut Supply, Deku Pirouette, Nightvision
    Profession: Barber Lvl. 1
    Treasure: Cheval Rope, Roc's Feather

    Eve - a berserker from the South and soldier in training
    P5 / W1 / C3
    Rupees: 109
    Kinstone Pieces: Green Feather (complete)

    Perks: Eternal Youth, Fairy Companion, Language of Fauna, Deku Nut Supply
    Treasure: Power Bracelet, Muscle Band, Golden Raiment, Burning Pain Hands, Fist Eyes, Toxic Circulation, Ghastly Doll, Cheval Rope, Adventure Pouch, Harvest Ring, "Kingfisher" dagger

    Consumable/material: Gasha Seed

    Meryem picture by Squishy. Evelyn and Billy portrait by Saria. All rights reserved or whatevs.

    Retired (open)

    Lucia - strategist, amateur author, and librarian
    P1 / W4 / C3 - NG
    Rupees: 0
    Perks: Eternal Youth, Fairy Companion, Language of Fauna, Navigation
    Treasure: n/a

    Status: Dead.


    January 12
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